In this section publishable results generated during the project will be presented


Article in BYG - Bæredygtigt Byggeri nr. 2, 2016 (in Danish)

For your information Brightwall has been published in the Danish magazine BYG, issued by Arkitektens Forlag.

Betonen der kan flytte lyset


Brightwall on Youtube

A Brightwall video showing the production and installation of the prototype in Energy Flex Office at the Danish Technology Institute is now available on Youtube. Click on the picture below.




First full scale prototype of BrightWall

The first full scale prototype has been installed at the Energy Flex Office at the Danish Technology Institute. The prototype demonstrates the technological developments within the project and is the first translucent sandwich concrete structure installed in a real building context. 




Marketing presentation

Based on the FP7 call for energy savings in buildings, the BrightWall project is researching fiber optics based translucent concrete. The goal of the research is the development of a fully insulated facade system that will allow for controlled daylight to pass while lowering in the heating load in a building. The partners in the nine member consortium range from concrete manufacturers to architects to fiber optics specialists. Click on the picture below to see the marketing presentation.


Marketing pres front page


Study on end uses

The relationship between building typologies and facades requires a meaningful understanding of several key characteristics of buildings and their environment. Through an EU-wide panorama of existing residential and non-residential building stocks seen in terms of their function type, we understand the key qualities connecting the macro and micro qualities of the buildings. For the purpose of this study, four main building typologies are investigated; Offices, Residential, Commercial and Cultural/Public, drawing references from international case studies. With a brief insight into the typology itself, the program and nature of intended usage, we understand the different typologies. In turn, a list of typological references pertaining to each category follows, where we visually explain the project background and present the key facade details. The methodology allows a flexible and clear distinction between the building typologies and envelope types, and facilitates the necessary relationships between the design, technical and environmental components of building envelopes. 

Click on the picture below to see the report.


Report On End Uses - Front Page